1.   pyritinol  improved cognition in 100 dementia patients
  2.   pyritinol  produced significant improvement in 40 dementia patients
  3.   pyritinol  had therapeutic effect on 156 senile dementia patients
  4.   pyritinol  improved cognitive performance in 26 dementia patients
  5.   pyritinol  improved cerebral glucose metabolism in dementia
  6.   pyritinol  study of 40 Alzheimer's patients
  7.   pyritinol  in patients with tics and Tourette's syndrome
  8.   pyritinol  improved social behavior in geriatric patients
  9.   pyritinol  reduced mortality in coma patients
10.   pyritinol  is beneficial in the treatment of head injury
11.   pyritinol  improved memory in a study of 12 healthy males  
12.   pyritinol  protects against free radical damage to cell proteins
13.   pyritinol  rheumatoid arthritis study
14.   pyritinol  caused an increase of cGMP level in neutrophils
15.   pyritinol  and phosphatidylinositol metabolism in mouse brain
16.   pyritinol  increased glucose utilisation in cerebellum of rats
17.   pyritinol  improved learning retention in Swiss albino mice
18.   pyritinol  in cerebral infarct patients

Pyritinol is a major ingredient in the brain formula Get Smart which has recently been found by parents to help their autistic children. 
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